Print Regulation

1. The Government of Chaco Province and Urunday Foundation, in their capacity as Organizing Committee, will organize the “International Sculpture Biennial” in the city of Resistencia, Chaco, Argentine Republic, from July 12 to July 19 of 2014.

2. The 10 (ten) selected artists must provide evidence of any award granted in other sculpture contests, exhibitions, events, etc., whether regional, national or international.

3. Sculptors should arrive at Resistencia by July 11 of 2014.

4. Awards will consist of:
   • FIRST AWARD - BANCO DE LA NACIÓN ARGENTINA: US$ 10,000.00 (Ten thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • SECOND AWARD - NUEVO BANCO DEL CHACO: US$ 4,000.00 (Four thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • THIRD AWARD - O.S.D.E.: US$ 3,000.00 (Three thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • FOURTH AWARD - AEROPUERTOS ARGENTINA 2000: US$ 1,000.00 (One thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • FEMECHACO AWARD: US$ 1,000.00 (One thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • SCULPTORS AWARD - EFRAÍN BOGLIETTI: US$ 1,000.00 (One thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • PUBLIC AWARD - JUAN ALBERTO GARCIA: US$ 1,000.00 (One thousand Dollars) and plaque.
   • KIDS AWARD - REINALDO MARTINEZ: US$ 1,000.00 (One thousand Dollars) and plaque.

5. The 10 Participants will receive US$ 3,500.00 (three thousand and five hundred Dollars), a medal and a certificate.

6. The participating sculptures will be exhibited during a term of 60 (sixty) days, after which will be sited in the city as Cultural Heritage of Resistencia / Chaco – The City of Sculptures.

7. The Jury will be integrated by 3 (three) members appointed by the Organizing Committee. Jurors may visit the place assigned to each Artist at any time, as they may deem convenient.

8. The Jury will issue a Minutes of Decisions and under no circumstances will Jurors be allowed to abstain from voting. Jurors' award will be unappealable.

9. Art works should comply with the following conditions:

For the 10 (ten) selected artists:
a) Topic: "Homo Novus".
b) The sculpture to be exhibited should be original and unprecedented.
c) Sculpture must be sculpted on 2 (two) stainless steel plates of 2 mm x 1250x2500 thick each one. The Organizing Committee will control the project in order to ensure that the plate thickness is appropriate and suits the artist´s work, as the sculpture will be eventually exhibited in streets and security measures are required.
d) Artists will be provided with 220 v electric power in order to use electrical tools (plasma, welder, which will be provided by the Organizing Committee).
e) Sculptors should bring their own tools, including grinders.
f) The Organizing Committee will allow artists to request assistance in case they need to fold plates with special shapes possible.

10. Sculptors  may enroll through our Web Site: until November 30 of 2013.

11. Sculptors will work outdoors, under any weather conditions. The working schedule will be ruled by the “Participating Sculptors Program”. Once the contest is finished, sculptors will not be allowed to continue working.

12. If any Participant finishes his / her work before Schedule, it will be compulsory to remain at the contest premises until the last day and attend the Awards Event.

13. Participants will be obliged to attend all the acts and events that Organizers may perform.

14. The stay expenses of the participating Sculptors and guests will be on account of the Organizing Committee (accommodation in double room, breakfast, lunch and dinner) from 6.00 p.m. of the day previous to the Contest, until 6 p.m. of Monday 21 of July, with the exception of additional expenses such as telephone charges, beverages, etc. The Organizing Committee will also pay the transport expenses from Buenos Aires – Resistencia – Buenos Aires in a Bed Bus, including dinner on board (duration of the trip: 12 hours approximately).

15. Each Participant should have medical assistance insurance. Otherwise, in case of any health problem, the medical charges will be on Sculptor's exclusive account.

16. The Organizing Committee reserves the right on video recording and photographs taken during the Contest. Advertising in the working places will be timely agreed upon by the Organizing Committee.

17. In case of non-compliance of any item of these regulations, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the participation of the defaulting Artist.

18. Any event or circumstance not provided for in these regulations will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.